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Will Chakra: Thought Forms

Thought forms are energetic forms that exist in our world created by focused thought.  We always receive or generate thoughts with a constant flow of them that are everywhere in our reality.  The forms can vary from raw elemental to a very organized and focused form.  They trigger chemical and electrical interactions with physical forms, and can change reality.

They are formed as spiritual manifestations of thoughts.  Every time we have a thought, we create a thought-form, and if we want the thought to manifest on the physical plane we need to do things to give it more energy.  If we want a thought to dissipate we simply don’t give it enough energy to manifest.  The more you think about something, the more power you give it to manifest itself and change reality.  What that means is mostly the more you worry about something bad happening the more likely it has a chance of happening.

Manifesting the forms is the same actions that you are already doing to bring things into a reality for your life.  It becomes our goal to learn to link or balance the subconscious thoughts, to bring them to the conscious mind and better control our thoughts to becoming more positive.  Remember, the subconscious does not hear negatives.  If you say “I am not a bad person,” it will translate as “I am a bad person,” and begin to create the reality for you where you feel you are a bad person more and more.  The subconscious can not reason, or tell the difference between something you need or use from anything else you create.    If you tell it to create lack, unhappiness, poverty, jealousy, betrayal or put energy into negative thoughts, that is what it will hear and create more of.  If you tell it the world is abundant, that you are happy, or put energy into positive thoughts, that is what it will create.  The subconscious can not tell ‘right’ from ‘wrong’, it simply takes input from your conscious thoughts and manifests what you are thinking: thought is real.

Everything you take in is your choice, from television to every relationship you encounter every day.  People will treat you exactly as you tell them you can be treated.  If someone makes you feel badly, you may consider what it is about you that they believe it is all right, as in why do you allow the behavior from them.  You have chosen to create these relationships, and if they are not serving you well, you may also change or terminate them.  The energy exchange is constant.

Creating a thought form to manifest on the physical plane is incredibly simple: the more thought you give it, the more power it has.  Writing something down gives it even more energy.  Spiritualists often have a ritual invoking and giving things the gifts of the elements, or a place for a thought form to reside, but that is for very complex thought forms that require care and maintenance.  The most important thing to remember about giving thought forms energy is the more thought or energy that you give it, the better able it is to manifest.

Mind your thoughts and create your reality!


Will Chakra: Shielding – Boundaries & Priorities

After grounding, which we have learned needs to be constantly renewing at all times (Root Chakra), shielding is the most common practice to protect yourself from negatively charged energies in your environment.  Everyone is always trying to achieve their goals, working towards their desires, their energy radiating from them to accomplish what they want.  To avoid being manipulated by other’s goals and wills you ust become adept at shielding to protect the boundaries of your own reality. Otherwise you may fall into becoming confused or compromised by other people’s wills and be unable to work on your own.  Examples of this can be seen daily where someone’s will has been completely overridden or consumed by someone else.  Healthy boundaries are what makes a person whole.  No one else can tell you what yours are, because this is your life to live.  You must decide what’s best for you.

Setting boundaries is the first step in creating your reality and ensuring your will is achieved.  You decide what is acceptable in your world, and have every right to expect everyone who interacts with you to respect your decisions.  When someone compromises what you have established, they are not only disrespecting you but imposing their will on yours, intentional or not.  You need to stand up for yourself to not be controlled by others.  It is vital to learn your own self-respect, worth, and personal power to be able to define your own reality.

This encompasses all aspects: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  Do not accept abuse of any kind, though it can be hard to spot certain kinds.  If anyone does anything to you that you do not like, enjoy, feel comfortable with, or causes you pain and anguish you have every right to stop that person from doing so.  If they are controlling, manipulating, or forcing their will on you, even if they are being nice about it, they may as well be attacking you. Because as above, so below – if they are using you on any plane, the results would be the same on every other plane.  It is right to protect yourself from any kind of abuse, not just the physical.

When you establish boundaries you are protecting yourself.  If someone crosses a boundary, you must be willing to defend it, otherwise you are giving that person permission to exert their will on yours.  They are not taking your personal power, you are giving it away.  As an adult you are always capable of defending your boundaries however unwilling you may be to do so.

Many of us have unclear or compromised boundaries because of cultural and societal rules: “Good girls are nice.” “Don’t hurt people’s feelings.”  “Getting angry is wrong.”  “Saying no makes us a bad person.”  We would rather stand by and allow someone to take advantage of us because we don’t want to be thought of as a mean person.  Or we might accidentally take advantage of someone else and get our feelings hurt or cry foul when they stop us.

You may feel as if your boundaries are unreasonable or you have no right to set them, or that defending them is rude.  A past trauma may lead us to believe this, and is a cycle where people with compromised boundaries will attempt to compromise the boundaries of others.  The best way to help someone with compromised boundaries is to maintain your own.  In the effort to “be nice” we may allow someone to break a boundary and be unable to protect ourselves form unwanted behavior.  We may then begin to ignore it, overlook it, rationalize it or simply put up with it.  In truth, when you are put in a position to have to defend yourself, it is important to remember we do not need to be rude or aggressive.  You can say “No.”  You can ask someone to stop treating you a certain way, and not react in anger or any emotional way.  Just respectfully point out your  boundary, and expect it to be respected.

You may feel that you will not be liked if you have healthy boundaries.  This is simply untrue -people like whom they can respect.  They will not like those that they feel they can manipulate or control.  They may use someone to achieve their own ends, but will not personally care or like that person.  Trust and respect are foundational to relationships.   Without them, things start to break down internally.  If you can not trust someone to honor their own boundaries, you can’t trust them to honor yours.  You will have a difficult time respecting someone you can’t trust, and you will be unable to love someone whom you can’t respect.

Another way to establish control of your own life is setting priorities.  Everything in life has a price.  Sometimes we do things we don’t want to do to get something that we do want.  You must not allow other people to take advantage of you or tell you who you are or what you want.  What does not enter your reality does not exist.  By establishing your own priorities you are better able to achieve the goals you have set before yourself.  You control what happens in your world.  You allow everyone in your life, to do whatever it is they do.   You get something in return for each relationship.  If someone does something you dislike, examine why you have chosen to deal with this behavior.  What is it teaching you?  Does it serve you or betray your self-respect?

If you believe negatively about yourself, how can you argue against someone treating you badly?  Once you put a stop to this behavior and take control of your own life and boundaries, you can begin to feel safe and start manifesting your will on your reality.

Shielding happens at all levels at the same time, and by having a strong grasp of your boundaries, a good eye on your priorities you can start to establish good shields that do not allow negatively charged energy to effect you.

Shielding Assignment

As above so below.  If you learn to train your thoughts to protect yourself, you will find it easier to establish and maintain your boundaries.  Your aura is a natural shield, but enhancing on it will go a long way.  Visualize a light yellow bubble around you, but make the bubble something strong and durable… whatever you can visualize will work.  You should practice maintaining this energetic shield at all times, in different situations.  Eventually you will have a gentle filter at all times, but a stronger shield can naturally arise when needed like a second nature.

Will Chara: Creating Your Reality

One of the most repeated universal truths in this less is “as above, so below.” What this means is Nature has a way of leading by example.  Everything in the macrocosm exists too in the microcosm; this is why atoms and galaxies look alike.  Another way of saying this is “as within, so without.” Every cell in our body carries a copy of our DNA that could create our whole body.  In this way, everything is connected.  It is a blueprint for reality, and by observing it, we can come to learn how to create our own reality.  Remember there is a balance in all things.  Each relationship we have with someone is there to provide a lesson for us, to teach us something, both positive and negative.  Everything and everyone is made up of the same stuff, so that we are all connected.  We are not just a part of the One, we ARE One.

We each come into the world with a divine contract, as part of the Oneness, for we are all subject to the Will of the One.  Discovering your divine contract can take some time, but thinking of what brings you your bliss is most likely what you were intended to do in this incarnation.  If you took away everything that seemed like an obstacle, what would you like to be doing most with your life?  This is possibly your divine contract.  Self-imposed or cultural obstacles can get in the way, but each are a lesson to provide you with the skills you need to fulfill your divine contract.  Even the negative experiences are a learning experience to develop a skill, and most of the time the more horrible they were, the greater the lesson.  We can begin to observe and learn from nature by looking at the big picture and recognizing opportunities that are presented to us.  If things in your life do not add up, in accordance with balance in all things, it may be time to start subtracting.  Who are the people in your life that make you feel blessed?  Who does not?  Who helps you manifest your will, to the greatest and highest good of all, and who is presenting an obstacle for you to overcome?

The best way to recognize opportunities and shape your reality is by seeing the abundance in this world.  It is best to learn to mind your thoughts because the subconscious is always listening, and will start to ‘see’ proof of what you believe to be true.  If you believe there is lack or evil in the world, then you will see ways that is true.  If you believe there is abundance in the world you will start to see ways that is true.  One way to create abundance in your world is to stop comparing yourself to others, or what others have.  You can not find happiness in comparisons because it creates a lack mentality.  You also need to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.  Need money?  Before you light those money candles, explore the ripples and make sure you are wanting what is for the highest and greatest good for all, or you might just be experiencing a loss in another area of your life as Nature attempts to keep the balance.  Try to mend your thoughts towards the positive from a calm manner on a daily basis, because desperation will only feed the negative balance.

One way to achieve what you want, and begin to shape your reality is by setting goals.  Simply saying “I want things to be better” is too vague, and your subconscious will reject this out of hand.  What things? Better than what?  You need to start by setting specific goals, and figure out the steps you need to take to achieve them.  This alone will set your subconscious to working on the matters in a positive manner, because you are active in your reality.  Soon, opportunities will start to manifest in your life, and all you have to do is learn to recognize and take them as they arrive.  There is rarely any such thing as a coincidence, most of the time it is Nature trying to tell you something important.  Pay attention and follow the path that is laid out before you, for that is your divine contract, the Will of the One, and your reality.

Will Chakra: I WILL


Solar Plexus Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: solar plexus
First Maturity: Ages 2-3 -“terrible two’s”
Final Activation: Ages 44-45

My Favorites:
Color: Yellow
Stone: Citrine
Herbs: rowan, thyme, basil, sunflower seeds
Planet/Sign: Sun, Mars, Leo, Aries
Archetype: Oak Kings
Angel: Micheal

Affirmations: I create.  I succeed.  I am successful.  My creations are good.  I am worthy.  I believe everything is for the highest and greatest good for all.  My actions are successful.  My creations are successful.  I release judgements.  I accept my success.  I appreciate my success.

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