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Throat Chakra: Balance & Polarity

Learning to balance two opposite extremes is a key component of being in balance spiritually and throughout life. Every month the Full Moon likes in direct astrological opposition to the Sun as a means to try and teach us about learning to balance opposites.  It is important to remember that nothing is all ‘bad’ or ‘good’, simply receptive and projective.  Even then, a little bit of one lies within the other – one can not exist without the other giving or taking it’s energy.

This can be the hardest lesson to learn, and it will present itself in a lot of different ways, although not always immediately recognizable.  If it holds true that everyone has a right to their own personal truth, we can see that disagreements can be found in compromise.  There is no opposition that can not be balanced by communication.  When ‘bad’ things seem to happen, even though have explored that we have agreed spiritually for it to happen, try to find ways to spin it into a positive.  Start to look for ‘coincidences’ and see how they relate to bringing you what energy you put into needing.

There is an ebb and a flow to all things, and to maintain balance sometimes you might have to do the opposite of what you might expect if you want for things to come to you.  If you want more, give more.  If you want less, give less.  The universal laws of balance will always respond.  Sharing your personal or divine truth is in balance with what you and the world intended.

Look around and discover how balance is working in ways all around you.  The give and take, ebb and flow of everything.


Throat Chakra: Dis-ease & The Human Energy Exchange

Our energy fields are made up of swirling vortexes of energy called chakra.  We have been exploring the domain of each chakra one by one.  In the throat chakra we can begin to talk about dis-ease because being kept from our personal truth by someone blocking us or by our own design we can allow our fears to come into play and create havoc with our our energy.  Everything that exists on the physical plane also exists on the spiritual and vice versa.

Imbalances in our lives will create imbalances in our chakra and vice versa.  We will discuss this more in the Third Eye chapter on seeing auras, but here is a very quick run down of possible imbalances that can occur in each domain:
Root -(the right to exist) Malfunction: Obesity, constipation, sciatica, eating disorders
Sacred -(the right to feel) Malfunction: sexual addiction or frigidity, isolation, emotional instability or numbness, infertility
Will -(the right to act) Malfunction: Excessive: ulcers, control issues, rage Deficient: timidity, low energy, fatigue, digestive issues
Heart -(the right to love/be loved) Malfunction: Excessive: codependent, clinging Deficient: isolation, low self-esteem, shallow breathing
Throat -(the right to truth) Malfunction: inability to express truth, blocked creativity, sore throat
Third Eye -(the right to see truth) Malfunction: headache, nightmares, hallucination, poor visual function, sinus issues
Crown -(the right to know) Malfunction: Excessive: overly intellectual, spacy Deficient: depression, alienation, confusion, being bored

To start to understand how we can come out of balance, it helps to understand negative and positive energy, and the way people use them to take or give energy to one another.

Negative energy is not ‘bad’, it is simply receptive.  When used appropriately it is very good.  A good example of this is accepting a hug,  you are using your receptive energy appropriately.

Positive energy is not ‘good’, it is simply projective.  It can be used in good or bad ways, depending on your intent.  Giving a hug is a projective and appropriate way to use projective energy.

As humans we naturally fluctuate between negative and positive energies.  Dis-ease and imbalances comes from a negative force being internalized and caught up in your energy field.  The negative pocket attaches itself and feeds off the positive energy and can eventually cause a physical reaction.   Whenever anyone does anything that does not resonate with you you can either take it and allow it to invoke a response in you or you can ground it.

Small examples of inappropriately used energy can be called control dramas which are accurately explained in The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  Remember, both positive and negative energy can be used appropriately and inappropriately in the quest for energy exchanges.  By becoming aware and conscious of this process can we begin to be free of it, and learn to happily express our own personal truths without harming anyone or interfering with everyone’s right to express their truth.

Throat Chakra: Truth

As we learned throughout the chakra series, we all have our own personal truth.  The problem arises when we begin to fear sharing that with others.  When we out right lie to someone about our personal truth we are not only teaching our subconscious minds that the person we are lying to is not to be trusted, but in some cases we are harming our own self-esteem as well.  This can lead to all sorts of problems.  The mind will soon begin to look for and reinforce reasons that the person is untrustworthy and/or turn inward and pile a lot of guilt and guilt-based reactions on to your psyche.

Being honest with others about our feelings can only be done in a safe environment, so when we do not feel safe we are tempted to lie, and even a small lie can snowball out of control very quickly.  When we lie it reinforces our subconscious feeling that we are not safe and can lend energy to negative aspects in ourselves and relationships.  The hardest part after awhile can even become being honest with ourselves.  Breaking out of the traps we set for ourselves can be the biggest issue.  Some people spend lifetimes lying about who they even are.

Many children will start to experiment with lying from an early age.  Learned behaviors can also come into play.  When parents lie and muddle the issues, it can become confusing fast.  As all parents know approaching the truth can be a subtle angle or take a lot of steps, but it is imperative that you keep in mind that all lies are about trust, which in turn can make or break all relationships.

White lies can always be a grey area, of course, so balance comes into play a great deal.  Balance between brute honesty and complete lies are always going to be a challenge, but one worth the effort.

The biggest step is to stop being afraid of who you are and what you want.  By facing our fears, we can learn to control them and not allow them to control us.  ‘And it harm none, do as you will’ is a well known litany many take to heart.  By exploring the ripples, taking responsibility for our own actions and learning to be honest and gentle with our fellow human beings can we work together to eradicate the fear that holds so many people back from truly feeling or living.  With balance in all things, anything is possible.

Throat Chakra: I SPEAK (The Truth)


Throat Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: Throat
First Maturity: 4-5
Final Activation: 46-47

My Favorites:
Color: Blue
Stone: Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Sapphire
Herbs: Peppermint
Planet/Sign: Mercury/Gemini

Affirmations: I have the right to speak my truth.  I have the right to hear the truth. .  I am trustworthy.  I can express myself. I am creative.  It is safe to express my feelings.  I love and trust my creativity.  It is now right for me to express the best of who I am now.  I release the fear and doubts which block the way to my creative expression. I speak the truth.  I hear the truth

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