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The question most often asked when it comes to past life regression therapy is how can so many people remember being the same person?

There are several answers this, several we have already discussed such as as we all one entity already, time and distance does not exist and current reality is humanity’s attempt to incarnate and interact with new experiences, and finally what many spiritualists call light bodies.

We have talked about how everything that is true in this macrocosm is true in the microcosm, so when we discuss God/dess it is important to keep this in mind.  If we ourselves all make up The One, is stands to reason that we also have many ‘souls’ or light bodies.  Light bodies are likened to cells.  They group together to make up a soul.  The more lessons you  have to learn the more light bodies are required to learn them.  The more lessons and lifetimes a soul encounters, the more light bodies gather together which can enable faster spiritual growth.  Many spiritualists believe that once ordained or degreed you are always ordained and degreed in every following life path, though you may chose not to work as clergy in that life.

Light bodies are no longer fixed, as of around the turn of the century.  They are now free to travel about from person to person at will.  They are attracted to spiritual growth, so will will be gravitated to people who are exploring positive pursuits and experiencing life to the fullest.  They each carry a whole and complete memory of the lives experienced before – like cells carrying dna.  So, if a past historical figure had 100 light bodies – there are 100 possible people with those memories in their soul.

The greater the challenge, the more powerful the physical form can become.  Someone who is not seeking personal growth, or greater challenges may not attract or have as many light bodies but on the same hand, they will not need the extra abilities or benefits. If you notice a major shift in your personal preferences, tastes, or feelings, it is entirely possible you have acquired new light bodies for up coming lessons, which may be extremely challenging but rest assured you have everything you need to achieve your goals.



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