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Heart Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: center of chest
First Maturity: ages 3-4 -“terrifying threes”
Final Activation: Ages 45-46

My Favorites:
Color: Green
Stone: Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz
Herbs: Poppy, Pink Roses, Pine
Planet/Sign: Venus, Taurus
Archtype: Mother
Angel: Raphael

Affirmations: I deserve unconditional love.  I deserve to be loved unconditionally.  I am loved.  I love.  I am compassionate.  I deserve compassion.  I love myself exactly as I am.  I love who I am.  I am open to love.  I forgive myself.  I forgive others.  I am pure, good, and content.  Love  is everywhere.


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