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Heart Chakra: I LOVE


Heart Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: center of chest
First Maturity: ages 3-4 -“terrifying threes”
Final Activation: Ages 45-46

My Favorites:
Color: Green
Stone: Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz
Herbs: Poppy, Pink Roses, Pine
Planet/Sign: Venus, Taurus
Archtype: Mother
Angel: Raphael

Affirmations: I deserve unconditional love.  I deserve to be loved unconditionally.  I am loved.  I love.  I am compassionate.  I deserve compassion.  I love myself exactly as I am.  I love who I am.  I am open to love.  I forgive myself.  I forgive others.  I am pure, good, and content.  Love  is everywhere.


Litha Information

The Wiki About Midsummer

Summer Solstice

The Festival

Some History

Litha is the celebration of the great power of the sun.  This is the time for the battle between Holly King and Oak King.  This is the height of warmth, light, and festivals, but also the turn of the year.  Many times a bonfire is lit in honor of the sun, and rituals held in it’s honor.  It is also another excellent time for handfastings.

Tarot: The Hermit

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: introspective, seeking, guidance, solitude

The hermit not only steps into another quiet world of his own making, seeking the solitude to contemplate on his own, but also can be a guiding light for others.  He has obtained knowledge through his own introspective quest, but is also willing to assist others the way.  He can not achieve the goal for others, but can merely show people the way -they must of course do the work themselves.  He has been there, seen the light, and is returned to illuminate the path for others.

Will Chakra: Thought Forms

Thought forms are energetic forms that exist in our world created by focused thought.  We always receive or generate thoughts with a constant flow of them that are everywhere in our reality.  The forms can vary from raw elemental to a very organized and focused form.  They trigger chemical and electrical interactions with physical forms, and can change reality.

They are formed as spiritual manifestations of thoughts.  Every time we have a thought, we create a thought-form, and if we want the thought to manifest on the physical plane we need to do things to give it more energy.  If we want a thought to dissipate we simply don’t give it enough energy to manifest.  The more you think about something, the more power you give it to manifest itself and change reality.  What that means is mostly the more you worry about something bad happening the more likely it has a chance of happening.

Manifesting the forms is the same actions that you are already doing to bring things into a reality for your life.  It becomes our goal to learn to link or balance the subconscious thoughts, to bring them to the conscious mind and better control our thoughts to becoming more positive.  Remember, the subconscious does not hear negatives.  If you say “I am not a bad person,” it will translate as “I am a bad person,” and begin to create the reality for you where you feel you are a bad person more and more.  The subconscious can not reason, or tell the difference between something you need or use from anything else you create.    If you tell it to create lack, unhappiness, poverty, jealousy, betrayal or put energy into negative thoughts, that is what it will hear and create more of.  If you tell it the world is abundant, that you are happy, or put energy into positive thoughts, that is what it will create.  The subconscious can not tell ‘right’ from ‘wrong’, it simply takes input from your conscious thoughts and manifests what you are thinking: thought is real.

Everything you take in is your choice, from television to every relationship you encounter every day.  People will treat you exactly as you tell them you can be treated.  If someone makes you feel badly, you may consider what it is about you that they believe it is all right, as in why do you allow the behavior from them.  You have chosen to create these relationships, and if they are not serving you well, you may also change or terminate them.  The energy exchange is constant.

Creating a thought form to manifest on the physical plane is incredibly simple: the more thought you give it, the more power it has.  Writing something down gives it even more energy.  Spiritualists often have a ritual invoking and giving things the gifts of the elements, or a place for a thought form to reside, but that is for very complex thought forms that require care and maintenance.  The most important thing to remember about giving thought forms energy is the more thought or energy that you give it, the better able it is to manifest.

Mind your thoughts and create your reality!

Tarot: Strength

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: endurance, stamina, patience, composure, compassion, courage

Strength not only means the physical ability to be strong,  but also the inward strength to be courageous, compassionate -the ability to overcome inner obstacles and shield yourself from outward negativity.  It is important to remember that once you have focused your ability to be balanced, you can be strong enough to overcome just about anything.  It is a card showing that it comes from within, your will to continue on and persevere.

Full Strawberry Moon

This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry! -Farmer’s Almanac

The sun has ripened the fruit of the land!  Now is the time to pick them fresh from the vine, chill out all day, and enjoy the long summer nights.  It is also known as the Dyad Moon, Mead or Honey Moon.

Sagittarius Moon Vs. Gemini Sun

The ideal thoughts for this Moon is reconciling the desire for exploration with the comfort of knowledge and information.  Learning new things, exploring a new place, or growing beyond your comfort levels is the goal behind the energy of this moon.  It challenges knowledge for the unknown.  Tackle new ideas, discuss opposing viewpoints, or challenge yourself to learn something you previously found that you did not agree with.  It is a good time to learn to be open to new experiences rather than over analyze old ones.

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