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Tarot: The Hierophant

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: knowledge, learning, study, tradition, ceremony, formal instruction, culture

This card can represent secret knowledge, or someone who can interpret secret knowledge, or often someone who will teach you secret knowledge.  Remember, there was a time that all mathematics and geometry taught now to children was once secret knowledge.  It stands for institutional or organized learning.  This can include schools, teams, communities, and society as a whole.  A more structured learning and cultural imprint.  It can represent group identity or institutions, and formal education.

This card is often interpreted with a religions looking official teaching the masses, be they children or otherwise.  It is predominately male, even in most female-based decks which follows the path of male-hood from youth (oak king), to father, and on to wise storyteller (holly king.)


Sacred Chakra: Sacred Energy

Our sacred energy is generated by our sacral chakra.  If you are feeling unbalanced, or taken for granted it will manifest in this chakra.  Many menstrual problems, cancer or other gynecological issues are due to the fact that many people have not learned to consider their sexuality as sacred in today’s society.  With the sudden onset of the constant emasculation of men in today’s media we are also starting to hear about male sexual problems.

We need both male and female energies to be fully balanced.  Neglecting one will create an imbalance.  They are valued the same though they are different and can accomplish different things.  Understanding and using these differences to your advantage is a great importance to our spiritual growth. Female energy is receptive, while male energy is projective.  Embracing the differences outwardly can lead you to being able to balance them inwardly.

Sacred energy is shared in our relationships.  All of them, not just the ones that we connect with more intimately.  They are all reflections of the lessons we wish to learn.  When you share energy with someone who empowers it is an experience filled with love and motivates us to achieve our greatest potential.  If you are in an imbalanced relationship with someone it can cause you to be feel worthless or not sacred. When things start to go awry it can be common to seek to place blame, which only gives a target for anger without resolving any of the lessons or issues created by the relationship.

If energy becomes imbalanced it can create sorrow, pain or unhappiness.  For balanced to be attained both parties need to give in equal parts, because one person can not balance for two or it can create a co-dependency and be very destructive to both parties.  If you are giving more than you receive you can become drained, depressed, or exhausted and feel unloved.  If you are receiving more than you are giving you can feel guilty, and be creating a karmic debt to being taken advantage of yourself.

Consider each relationship carefully, from those you share more intimate moments with to passing acquaintances.  What lesson is each bringing to your balance?

Tarot: The Emperor

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: structure, authority, leadership,  organization

To temper the abundance of his Empress, the Emperor teaches us to moderate our usage. He brings shape and order to our ideas.  At times he may be overbearing, or become a dictator, or at other times he may be bringing the much needed order to chaos.  He is the wisdom that saves things away for the coming winter, the one that reminds you that what is lost may never be recovered; what is destroyed must be rebuilt anew -possibly from nothing.

The throne he sits on holds the symbol of AriesAres is the God of War, and at times it might take a strong leader to see us through the strife.  He is the fiery energy that gets things done, sees things work, ensures everything runs like clockwork.  Exactly.

Sacred Chakra: Exploring the Ripples

To explore the ripples you  have to consider that the choices you make now, and how they will effect people later.  Will a white lie you tell now cause extreme heartache and pain later?  Is it better to chose not to lie now and avoid the mess later? It’s a careful path to tread, but you have to really think how what you are doing, saying, and thinking effects the whole picture.

Exploring the ripples is a key component in every decision causing you to think about  how your decisions will personally effect the whole -this is your personal responsibility as you are trying to add harmony and peace to the world.  This is why we tend to think or add ‘to the best and highest good of all’ to most of our thoughts, or spells or workings.

In other words, looking out for yourself is fine as long as in so doing you aren’t hurting someone else.  Which can lead to cyclic conversations, I’m sure.  “But it will hurt them if I leave them.” It’s the balance you want, there. Will it hurt them more NOW if you cut them off, or hurt them more later to learn you were never happy with them for so long?  If I tell a white lie now, will that cause more heartache and pain later?  That’s why it is called exploring the ripples to the path to what will come after.  A white lie now can be a temporary fix, which could later prove disastrous -the longer it waits, even. Choosing to end a relationship is always hard, but sometimes it IS for the best and highest good for all, even if the other person totally disagrees at the time.

Balance is the key to all things. As above, so below. You deserve everything this and other chakra bring you, but so does everyone else.  Finding that balance is not meant to be easy. Why do you think we spend so many lifetimes trying to figure it out? Karma will come along and bite you in the ass, too, over and over and over. As many times as it takes.  It may be that you have made mistakes and are sorry about them, but what does being sorry really do for the other person, really?  Try to explore the ripples before you make mistakes.  There is a big difference in going through blindly and taking the time to stop and explore the ripples of what you are doing.  You can’t always be prepared for every variable, but did you try? Karma will ensure you will reap what you sew.

Full Pink Moon Esbat

April’s Full Moon, Full Pink Moon, heralds the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, Hare Moon, Seed Moon, and the Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn. -Farmer’s Almanac

The Pink Moon is the first full moon of spring.  The first Sunday following this full moon will be Easter Sunday.  As it is named, it is a time of new growth, fresh starts, and the bountiful joy of Spring.  The remembrance of the sacrifices taken to achieve and enjoy the newness.

Libra Moon Vs. Aries Sun

This Esbat is about learning to balance the energies of Community and Self.  Starting projects together and sharing ideas are a good way to achieve this.  Aries’ energy ignites fires and gives passion to people to start new ideas, but the cool energy of Libra encourages us to share those ideas and allow other people’s input.  Similar to Leo Vs. Aquarius, these can involve a lot of the same concepts but these energies are bout doing more: active sharing, and community projects with everyone involved.  The winter has thawed, the grass is growing.  Now is the time to start something new with friends.

Sacred Chakra: Karma & Personal Responsibility

As spiritualists, we look for the balance in all things.  We try not to add to negativity.  We realize that we are all connected, and are a part of each other.  In the realization of as above, so below, we are likened to the cells that make up the God and Goddess.  We each have our own needs, but we function as part of the whole.  Like ripples in a pool, each action we chose to take will effect the whole, and then returning to us.

Karma is the thought that what ever you do will return to you threefold.  Try to do good acts and it will return to you in good.  As you begin to look for karma working in your life  you will see it manifest.  The more you are aware of your actions and thoughts, you can control and guide them to the best and highest good for all.  The more you are aware the faster your karma will return to you.  If you don’t recognize the karma for what it is, you may have to repeat a lesson over and over.  Sometimes even into the next lifetime.
You might have created a karmic debt prior to this life.  You will chose how to repay that debt until you learn the lesson you are meant to, until you remedy the repeating cycle of negative karmic debt by evolving past the situation.

You are only responsible for your own karma.  If you seek apologize and forgiveness from another, you may wish to consider first forgiving yourself, for you are the one who chose to be hurt in this life as you gave someone the power to do so.  You can’t expect someone to give you something if you can not first give it to yourself.  You can become attached to the outcome of a specific relationship, with your own fears coming into play, not the actions of the other person.  For you to attach your fears to their actions is inappropriate for you are responsible for your own happiness.  People will treat you as  you allow and teach them to treat you.

You are being provided the means to grow through your life, and you will chose how you act or react to everything in it.  Find the lesson within the suffering and learn by transforming all your sorrows into lessons that must be learned for personal growth.  It is not about being defeated but by learning each lesson as it comes.  Our fears are based on past traumas and bind us to the pain we experience.  When we cling to this pain and past traumas it is because we are afraid to chose love, or to be loved.  It is our instinct to isolate ourselves with fear, but at the same time, be reaching and yearning for love.  Be embracing your flaws and working with them and releasing your past you are opening  yourself up to be loved by loving yourself.  If you can not forgive and love yourself, you will never find it without.

Everyone who crosses your path, holds a lesson for you to learn.  Some are more painful than others. If you love and respect yourself, you will find it easier to act in harmony and maintain the balance for the best and highest good for all, and feel worthy of love as you always have been.  When you commit dishonorable acts, even in secret, you will know and it will reinforce your belief that you do not deserve love.  You must live with yourself and your actions first, and are always responsible for them.  You may find it hard to connect to someone if you fear they will see your dishonor, so by embracing your flaws, admitting your mistakes, and trying to make things right you will be stronger and more open to connections with others.

Love, honor, respect, and truth must first come from within for our external world is an extension and physical manifestation of our spirit.

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