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Tarot: The Empress

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: birth, life, abundance, pleasure, beauty, nature

The Empress is the Mother card, not just giving birth and motherhood, but the sustaining and cultivating of love and care.  She is about giving and receiving pleasure, acceptance therein, and always having enough to sustain life.  She is about beauty, grace, poise, and all that speaks of womanhood.  She is about nature which renews itself constantly, always.  She can spark romances, be the enduring marriage, and the love of family.

In many decks she is shown pregnant, though not in all of them.  She is a creator as well as a nurturer.  She is often associated with Venus, goddess of love.  She can represent the beginnings of an idea before it comes to fruition.  She can be the giver of earthly gifts, carnal delights, and the results of such actions.

  Quick Recap

The fool began his journey with little enough in his pack, and oblivious to dangers.  He met the Magician who revealed the tools he needed, and opened up all of the possible paths for him to chose.  The High Priestess walked with him between the worlds of an idea or direction, to beginning to actually plan his path.  The Empress showed him that for plans to come to full fruition at times it must needs wait a short time to germination.


Sacred Chakra: I FEEL


2nd Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: Lower abdomen, between the navel and the base of the spine
First Maturity: Ages 1-2
Final Activation: Ages 43-44

My Favorites:
Color: Orange
Mantra: I SENSE
Stone: Carnelian, Coral
Herbs: Carrot, Celery, Wheat
Planet/Sign: Jupiter, Cancer, or Sagittarius the Archer
Archetype: Venus, The Maiden
Angel: Gabriel

Affirmations: I love unconditionally.  I trust in my own perfection.  I approve of myself.  I am good enough.  I am allowed pleasure.  It is safe to feel pleasure.  I am in control of my sexuality.  I am allowed to enjoy my sexuality.  I am enough.  What I do is enough.  What I have is enough.  Who I am is enough.  I am open to beauty.  I am open to joy.  I am open to the harmony of the Universe.  I trust the process of life.  I love myself exactly as I am.

Ostara Information

The Wiki

The History

You Call It Easter

Circle Sanctuary

Return of Persephone

I am sure a lot of people are familiar with Easter, with the bunnies, eggs, and such that are associated with it.  It is the Spring equinox.  The celebration of the turn of the wheel to Spring, the ending of Winter.  Groundhog day is always exactly six weeks prior to Ostara, perhaps that is why he often sees his shadow!

In my tradition we celebrate the this Sabbat by following Persephone through the East and into the circle to be reunited with her mother, Demeter who’s sorrow and depth of despair has not allowed her to encourage anything to grow -so the land has become barren and cold, the people starving as unending winter has settled on the land in her sadness.   With Persephone’s return, together they cause the land to thaw, the flowers to grow, and crops to sprout.  We follow her through the East to be born, souls following her out of the Underworld to be reborn to a physical life. A cord is used to draw each person through the Eastern portal, and later sacrificed to it’s center.

We are each to find an egg, which has been died traditionally red and inscribed with a rune.  This rune is a divination symbol for what you can expect for the coming year.  The shell is given to the ground or the fire and egg eaten for luck.

It’s Spring, enjoy the warmer weather, the beauty of flowers’ return.  The growth and promise that is life’s renewal.

Tarot: The High Priestess

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: balance, calm, receptive, unconscious influences

The High Priestess asks you to look deeper, beyond the surface thoughts, and find the source of what you are questing.  It’s archetype represents the energy of hidden meanings, subconscious influences, and balance between two worlds be that spiritual and physical worlds, or the subconscious and conscious thoughts.  She’s the veil that separates AND connects them.  While the Magician represents physical opportunities and knowledge, she represents spiritual opportunities and knowledge.

She is generally shown between two contrasts to symbolize the duality and her part in between them.  Often a scrying globe or sphere is seen with her to show that she will look into the inner matters.  Blue and waters are often shown to symbolize the mysticism that the West quadrant represents such as life, birth, and regeneration.

Treading the path between the worlds, finding the middle between opposing dualities, digging deeper and exploring the ripples are all energies this card is encouraging.

Mercury is Retrograde

About Mercury Retrograde

What to expect:
Total breakdown of communicati
Increased ytpos
Electronics on the fritz
Transportation issues

Be careful out there!

Full Crow Moon Esbat

March’s full moon is often known as the Worm Moon.  As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins. The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. To the settlers, it was also known as the Lenten Moon, and was considered to be the last full Moon of winter. -Farmer’s Almanac

March’s Moon is called the Chaste Moon. March is a time of purity. The Earth has thawed and has loosened itself from the cold hands of winter. New life will soon emerge and the land will grow green with fertility. In March, however, the Earth is but a child. What will develop into the ripened fruits of summer is yet young and innocent,. It is the newborn babe; the youthful maiden yet untouched by love. In early spring, we celebrate the fleeting virtue of innocence. We see the certain potential of fruitfulness, yet give honor to the innocence of childhood as it is apparent in the maiden, and in this time upon the Earth. This Moon and it’s legend are the reflection of the Earth and it’s season.

Virgo Moon Vs. Pisces Sun

This Esbat about learning to analyze things and be practical without losing sight of your dreams, wishes, or hopes.  Facts and figures are all well and good, but it is important to remember your feelings as well, all while not allowing your emotions to drown out your practicality.  It is a true head vs. heart balance, and one that can take a lifetime to achieve.  Take a moment tonight to consider your dreams, while figuring out the practical steps it will take to attain them.

Root Chakra: Cleansing -“As Above, So Below”

Now that you have become practiced with consistent and constant grounding, it is time to consider the cleansing aspect.  As all things are connected, the major cardinal rule all spiritualists should know is “as above, so below.”  Have cobwebs hanging in the corner?  Those are physical manifestations of negatively charged spiritual energy that is still hanging about.  Have clutter around the house?  Your spiritual or emotional being will also start to feel cluttered.  Think about your environment and really give it a good look.  How is it representing or influencing your spiritual environment?  Rigid or white gloved cleaning is not necessary to achieve a balance, but some upkeep should be regularly scheduled for the maintenance of your home.  Keeping your home and body clean is a great way to keep your spiritual housing clean as well.

When you are physically cleaning something, you are also doing so spiritually, and at times this can work in reverse.  However, don’t expect sage to physically clean the bathroom for you, as elemental cleansing is for a separate purpose.  Sometimes items can take on a negative vibration or become negatively charged.  Any element can cleanse but it is wise to consider the item, and your purpose before choosing a method of cleansing.  Many spiritualist cleanse their ritual tools with one or more of the following elements.

Earth Cleansing
Ever hear of a mud bath?  Many times, humans have used mud or seaweed to draw off toxins from the body.  The idea for items is essentially the same.  To cleanse an item with earth, the most effective way is to bury it for four to six weeks, or even up to a year, depending on what lunar correspondences you wish to involve.  Salt, along with some cleansing herbs such as mandrake or sandalwood, can also be used to change the vibrational energy of the item.  You could always cover the item with salt for a time instead of burying the item, but please be mindful that salt can cause corrosion of certain items, and is very strong.  Please consider how much cleansing the item should need -does it need just a touch or does it need to be totally blown away?  Other crystals such as garnet, apache tears, or smokey quartz can be used to cleanse nearby items as they’re earth vibration can influence the energy of people and items around them.  Percussion instruments can often be used in this element to assist with cleansing vibrations.

Fire Cleansing
Be mindful that fire can and will melt most items.  The most beneficial way is to draw metal items through a flame, or placing it in coals.    Another way to achieve this on more flammable objects that you wish to keep is by using anointing oil.  Be careful that you don’t stain or mark your items with the oil.  Another method is by using traditional ‘fire’ elemental tools that many spirituals use such as by sweeping it with a broom, or shaking a rattle over it.  Brass instruments are also associated with this element.  As a side note, many people believe that fire can cleanse the soul.

Water Cleansing
At it’s simple form, simply washing an item off with a hose or faucet is often overlooked.  Adding soap, is just another level of cleansing.  Combining herbs and oils is often a way to bring it up another level if you feel water alone isn’t sufficient.  One thing to remember is that leaving an item submerged in water for an extended period of time is not recommended.  Water can take on nearby vibrations very fast, and standing stagnate can may not be very effective; running water is best.  Adding salt, or making a potion or elixir is a great way to add more of a cleansing effect, especially of you create them with astrological or lunar cycles in mind.  Stringed instruments can also be used to facilitate cleansing in this element, as their notes often remind people of running water, especially the harp.

Air Cleansing
The most common way to cleanse with air is by smudging using incense.  Sage and frankincense are the most common kinds of smudges but you can create a number of different kinds depending on what you are trying to achieve from the object.  An Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs can come in very handy in this method.  A good way to do this is to use feathers, fans, or wings to wave the smoke over a person’s body or items to cleanse it.  Tibetan bells, gongs, or finger cymbals can quickly chase away any negatively charged energy with their clear lingering notes.  Woodwind instruments can also be helpful in assisting with this element as their notes take in the cleansing element of air to sound their notes.

Spirit Cleansing
The most often used method in this element is praying.  Invoking by lifting your arms to the skies and drawing down certain energies can be very effective, if not a little exhausting.  The best way is to combine the above elements in such a manner that all of them are used to create a cleansing method. Feel free to experiment with them in different combinations while being mindful of your intent as well as the physical manifestation of the item itself.

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