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Tarot: The Magician

Traditional Meanings

Key Words: preparedness, plans, paths, motivation, manifestations of will, choices

The Magician card is the beginning of spiritual enlightenment.  In many traditions during the first degree initiation an initiate is presented with their tools of the elements: a plate or pentacle (earth), a wand (fire), a chalice (water), and an athame (air).  These are represented in most decks symbolically.  The magician symbolizes ordination over the elements as bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.  He represents male active energy, ready to put his plans into action so that they may come to fruition.

He is often representing the cardinal knowledge of ‘as above, so below.’  The left hand is often felt to be a ‘receiving hand’ while the right is generally felt as to be the projective hand. Most cards will show a wand or staff in the right hand shown to the skies as he is ready to take what he is given produce what he is to manifest; he is ready to work his will on the elements to take mastery over his life.

This card stands for all that man(kind) can be capable of.  All paths are open from here; any direction may be chosen.  From here, anything is possible.


Root Chakra: Grounding

Grounding is often misunderstood, but so essential to your spiritual well being that it’s practice is recommended to be in effect all the time.  Many people only ground when they meditate, or when they think of it.  For us, it must become second nature, like breathing. Grounding allows old, negatively charged, or no longer useful energy out of your spiritual vessel to be released and cleansed, while at the same time bringing in fresh new energy.

Remember that energy is infinite.  What you can channel and direct is not, but you can train your spiritual vessel to hold and direct a great deal if you practice.  Always be sure that you are directing energy for the greatest and highest good of all.  In spirit, we are all connected, and thought holds power.  When you release energy during grounding, you are releasing charged energy back to the infinite abundance to be cleansed.  Negatively charged energy is not always “bad” or “evil”, simply negative.  Even being too full of positive energy can be an unbalanced situation that can cause hyper or manic behavior!  Remember, try to achieve balance in all things.

A good way to redirect negatively charged energy is when you catch yourself having a negative thought, to try and combat it with immediately thinking of three positive thoughts.  Phrase them in a positive light as you remember that the subconscious can only hear positive statements.  One example is in the phrase “I shouldn’t bite my nails,” because the subconscious will always hear, “I should bite my nails.”   Instead phrase it as a positive or affirmative statement such as “I will stop biting my nails,” or “my nails are long and beautiful.”  Learning to control your thoughts is the basis of meditation.  The best way to learn to ground is first by doing meditations and then gradually shift to grounding at all times.

Grounding is a natural way to help cleanse all of your chakra and should always be done through your root chakra.  Grounding through the wrong chakra can result in not all of the energy in your vessel being cleansed.  People intuitively know this which is why when children are hyper and misbehaving their parents used to spank their bottoms, because it was a fast effective way of grounding them out-however that is not actually needed as it is an evasive way to ground.  With their permission, and with intent of the highest good to all, a touch to the shoulder is really all that is required to ‘flush’ someone’s energy out through their root chakra.  However to be adept at this you must first know how to ground your own energy.

To begin to mediate, you close your eyes, and relax your body slowly, allowing yourself to fall into a light trance state.  Sit with both feet squarely on the ground, and breathe in deeply through the nose and releasing it through your mouth.  Take several deep breaths this way and settle into a soft rhythmic breathing.  Clear your mind.  If you have invading thoughts allow them to happen but slowly and firmly settle them to the side to be thought about later.  This takes practice but eventually you will be able to clear your mind of everything save what you wish to concentrate on.  Then you may begin to ground.  As you become more adept at grounding you may start to allow this process to be happening continually no matter what else you are doing throughout your day.  Even so, stopping to meditate daily is a good way to feel refreshed and renewed.

Everyone grounds energy in a different manner, and it is best to find a technique that works best for you that you are the most comfortable with.  Below are five common techniques that should help you explore and form a basis on how you want to ground.  Try each of them, and see which one feels the most natural.

Earth Technique
As you establish rhythmic breathing, imagine yourself as a tree, with long branching roots sinking deep into the earth -down from the base of your spine and through your feet, while extending your branches out towards the sun’s light.  Allow the light to flow down through your branches as you breathe slowly in, and down out through the roots into the earth as you slowly breathe out.  Allow energy from roots to be drawn back up through the roots, providing fresh nutrients up through the branches and leaves that slowly fall back to the ground to be renewed.  A cycle of energy flows through you, letting go of the old and being filled by the new.

Fire Technique
This is also known as the lightning rod technique.  After establishing rhythmic breathing, imagine a lightning rod that goes through your spine and down deep into the ground.  Imagine any negatively charged energy attracted to the rod and thrown immediately to ground, taking all old energy within you with it to be cleansed.  As you breathe in new fresh energy from the universe allow it to renew you.  You can always imagine this as a ground wire constantly in contact with the infinite earth from the base of your spine if you are standing or walking.  All old, used energy is burned away, consumed into the ground, leaving fresh layers of new, clean energy to be used.

Water Technique
After establishing rhythmic breathing, imagine an endless curtain of water or rain flowing over you.  Allow it to wash away any old, used, or negatively charged energy away into the ground, flowing into you with fresh, clean energy.  This is a constant stream of water that flows like a refreshing waterfall.  Imagine it releasing and carrying away all old, negatively charged energy and renewing you with incoming clean water. This is, in turn, soaked up into the universe, cleansed, and returned to you in the form of new water much like the rain cycle works.

Air Technique
This technique is all about rhythmic breathing.  As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in a red, cleansing energy that fills your entire form, holding it for a time then breathing slowly out.  Do not try to control the color of whatever you exhale, just allow it to flow out of you to be released into the ground to be cleansed.  Continue to fill yourself with fresh clean energy and allow any negatively charged, old, or used energy to be exhaled through your body to fall back into the universe for renewal.

Spirit Technique
After establishing rhythmic breathing, feel yourself connected to the red core of the earth below you, connected to at the base of your spine.  Allow the light, clean energy to feel as if it is radiating up from the earth to fill you with warm pulsing energy that is clean and fresh.  Allow any negatively charged energy to become heavy and flow down to the earth to be soaked into the core to be cleansed and recycled.  Allow this cycle to renew your energy and allow you to feel refreshed.

Tarot: The Fool

Traditional Meanings

Key Words: beginning, journey, spontaneous, impulsive, innocent, trusting, carefree

The Fool card is the first of Major Arcana, though sometimes he is last (Card 22 “if I knew then what I know now’).  This card generally represents the naivety of youth, starting out on the journey, perhaps ill-prepared but not particularly bothered by it.  Obstacles are not seen as obstacles, or simply not seen.

Think of a young adult – sometimes no matter how many warnings or #LFMF’s you give them, you know they think they already know everything and must get out there and make their own mistakes, because that’s how the life cycle tends to work.  Sometimes, you just have to let someone fall, for no wonder how much you warn them they just can not hear you.  They’re ready to roll the dice, make their mark, find their path – warnings be damned.  Maybe it’s for the best, for people need to learn some lessons on their own.

The symbols on your card from any deck will try to embrace this archetype. The symbols that make the most sense to you are the ones you should pay the most attention to.  Spend another week with this card nightly and consider the traditional meanings with your own.

Root Chakra: Relative Truth

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.
-Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Consider the following phrases:

There is not any milk in the fridge.

There is a lot of milk in the fridge.

How can they both be right?

Much like Schroeder’s cat, neither are actually right or wrong, until you open the fridge and look in.  In Quantum Physics, something called the Copenhagen Interpretation states that nothing is real until it has been observed.  Furthermore due to the observer effect, some things even change how they behave because they are being observed!
Still, what about the milk?  Until it has been observed existing neither one can really be sure (unless of course, one of them has had the experience of buying it and placing it there – but who’s to say someone hasn’t already drank it down?)

So we open the fridge to find out.  Usually at this point, a shared reality is agreed on for the status of the milk.
Even so, a person has every right to inisist that there isn’t any while another can insist that there is by saying look here is proof!  Is the second person wrong when faced with the ‘reality’ of a full jug of milk?

To the person waving the jug around, yes…. but to the other person that says there is no milk given that they really can not perceive it, they are not wrong either.  There may be factors that the milk privileged individual is unaware of that is not allowing the other to perceive the milk -maybe even a malfunction of chemicals in their brain, or an emotional block.  The point is, to them, said milk does not exist.  It can’t exist for them until they can observe it in some form.  In a different instance they may actually be down right denying that there is, in fact, any milk -regardless of whether or not it can be perceived by them, for whatever reason.  Both are still correct in their own realities.

This is essentially the basis of relative truth.

Milk existing or not existing of course is of a very simplistic example of relative truth, and not very many people are going to disagree on a shared reality of this nature, but as we are all aware the bigger the concept, the more interpretations there are going to be available.

Every experience you have had in your life is going to color your reality, and also tint how you observe your reality going forward.  Suppose you  had been born in another country, or another era.  Consider what changes that could make for you culturally, religiously, or even spiritually.  Even in twin studies, identical persons are not actually the same person.  Everyone is different based on where they live, their family’s influence, the importance of religion or community in their lives, and everything else that as ever happened to them.  You are the sum of YOUR experiences, and have every right to them as YOU EXIST.

So does everybody else.

Recognizing that reality is always a duality of both a personal illusion and at times a shared perception is key to learning to facilitate change.  You will always find ways to validate your version of the truth. If you believe that the word is abundant, you will  find proof to support that.  If you believe that the world is full of lack, you will find ways to validate that.  If you do not like the fact that you feel the world is lacking, start looking for proof that is abundant. Once you see the abundance you can add to it and create more, feeling that all of your needs will be met.  Your root chakra will be fulfilled.

This also is about finding the balance.  Where can common ground be found between someone insisting on one thing, and someone saying the exact opposite, especially if we are going to allow them both to be “right?”  Finding the balance between two opposing viewpoints can be tricky, but it is worth the thought process that goes into it.  There is no longer any need to try and force your reality on anyone else when both people can be right.  If you can not agree on a shared reality, you could always debate, chose that you feel the other person is wrong, or respect that they see things differently.  You are free to validate your own realities and to change them through thinking of things from a different perspective.  Like energy, rarely is anything fully ‘right/positive’ or fully ‘wrong/negative’.

A good friend of mine always says, “The worst thing that has ever happened to me, is the same as the worst thing that has ever happened to you –because it’s the worst thing.
It’s her way of letting people know that there is no reason to try and trivialize someone else, their trauma, or recovery process as a means of self-validation because everyone has a right to their feelings, perceptions, and realities.  There is no longer any need for one-up-manship in any regard as a person’s life dictates their reality -until they chose to change their perceptions.

As spiritualists we tend to learn to try and transform past experiences into learning processes as soon as we are able to by changing our perspective on the situations.  We may not always be ready to see the lessons we were given in especially bad or emotionally charged situations, but each life experience is a means to becoming who we are and who we intended to be.  Consider everything that has ever happened as a lesson -what was it trying to teach you?  Everyone is working on a lesson, and their realities will reflect that -those that they have already learned, and those that are still yet to come.  Everyone has a right to work out their own reality in the ways that work best for them.

Full Snow Moon Esbat

Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult. -Farmer’s Almanac

The February full moon was called the Snow-blinding Moon by the Micmac people in eastern Canada. It was the Wind Moon to the San Ildefonso of the Southwest. And it was the Blackbear Moon to the Kutenai of the Northwest. Today, in North America, we often call the February full moon the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. About once every 19 years, February has no full moon at all.

Leo Moon Vs Aquarius Sun

This Esbat is about seeing to your personal needs, and being able to express yourself and your talents without detracting from or taking over the needs of a group such as your family or community.  Finding a compromise so that both ideas can exist peacefully isn’t always as easy.  No one concept should outweigh the other.  Spend some time recognizing how your needs and ideas are valid, and how they can fit in or benefit the group as a whole.

Root Chakra: I AM


1st Chakra

Associations (cached)
Location: Base of the spine
First Maturity: Ages 0-1
Final Activation: Ages 42-43 <-nominal age for “mid-life crises”

My Favorites:
Color: Red
Mantra: I EXIST
Stone: Hematite
Herbs: Cinnamon, Garlic, Mint
Planet/Sign: Mars, Aries the Warrior
Archetype: The Warrior -also, Athena
Angel: Auriel (Uriel)

Affirmations: I am safe.  I am secure.  I am protected.  I love myself. I am aware. I belong.  I am responsible.  Life is good.  I can have pleasure. I have a right to be me, just exactly as I am. I have a right to express myself and manifest my dreams.

Independent research is imperative to your full understanding of meaning and how this chakra relates to you. Research & read at your own pace about the root chakra and it’s manifestations in your life. We will be spending six to seven weeks on this chakra discussing basic ideas associated with it.  This week, simply familiarize yourself with the information provided here and ask any questions at the next meeting.

Tarot Assignment

Locate or acquire your tarot deck.  Beginners have the best results with a Rider-Waite based deck, but I always recommend Robin’s more artistic take on the well known deck.  It’s important to make sure you find a deck that feels right, so if neither of these seem right shop around first to chose one that resonates with you.

Put any accompanying instructions away without reading them.

Take card zero (or 22 in some decks) THE FOOL and place him under your pillow or inside the pillowcase.  We will spend two weeks with each card in this fashion.  Half way through we will discuss the traditional meanings of each card, but for the first week concentrate on what you feel from the card, noticing what stands out most to you.

Each night before going to sleep spend five to ten minutes looking at the card and noticing the details within.  Pay particular attention to the symbols that stand out to you as you become familiar with this card.  Keep it under your pillow or inside the pillow case nightly until instructed otherwise.

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